Pictures of SEEK Camp organized by CKF and Care and Share  registration, questionnaire being filled up.

Justine, a renal transplant patient with the painting he had drawn. This was auctioned in CKF meeting for INRS 10000.

CKF and Care and Share celebrating World Kidney Day - Feb 8th. Ms. Madhu Blessy, Director of operations CKF addressing the meeting.

Mr. S. Reghu, a kidney transplant recipient who has completed 21 yrs with normal renal function continues to inspire all CKD patients.


Cochin Kidney Foundation is a registered scientific and charitable society functioning from Ernakulam. We began our operations in a small way in 2004 and are slowly reaching out to more and more kidney patients and their families.

It is sad that in India Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is yet to be recognized fully as a serious health problem. Kidney disease affects people of every walk of life and it's most prevalent among people with diabetes and hypertension. Treating kidney related disorders is as expensive as any other debilitating diseases like cancer or AIDS.

The approximate cost for three haemo-dialysis thrice a week, for one month is Rs.12000. And it does not end with dialysis, the recommended course of action is a transplant and in some unfortunate cases the kidney gets rejected a few years down the line.

Faced with hundreds of such patients on a daily basis Dr. Georgy K.Nainan fully understood the helplessness of these suffering brothers and sisters. On his initiative a charity programme was arranged for financial and moral support for these unfortunate patients and Cochin Kidney Foundation was born. A part of his professional income is put in to support actions of Cochin Kidney Foundation.

The objectives of this foundation include imparting awareness among the public about kidney and related disorders, giving financial support and psychological counseling to the needy people with kidney and related disorders, Cochin Kidney Foundation also raises funds towards this purpose by way of contributions and donations from magnanimous donors, the society at large and other charity supporting institutions like the Kerala Chapter of Care and Share - USA, Pavos Foundation, Cochin, Melam Charities International and other such organizations.

A novel way of support was received from Canada recently, where a group of like minded persons decided to contribute monthly a small amount and when added together, it becomes a significant help.

As per an arrangement worked out with Melamparambil Charities, one of the biggest charities in Kerala for medical help, they have agreed to put matching contribution of the amount put in by the Foundation per patient, thus enabling the patient to receive double the amount.

As a part of our awareness creating programme, Cochin Kidney Foundation is jointly working with Screening for Early Evaluation of Kidney disease (SEEK), a project of Harvard Medical School, to help to educate the people in Kerala about this dreaded disease and to encourage screening for early detection. Cochin Kidney Foundation currently runs three diabetic clubs as community projects.

In the last 3 camps, more than 250 people were screened, @54 turned positive for kidney related disorders. Financial assistance in further evaluation of the Kidney related diseases of these screened patients by SEEK will come to @ Rs.1500/- per patient. Care & Share USA and Cochin Kidney Foundation has agreed to meet this expense.

In a month we are able to assist about 30 patients for haemodialysis and treatment cost. Currently we meet on the second Thursday of every month and provide financial aid to those in need by way of cheques to their respective hospitals ensuring that they receive the necessary treatment. We hope to start a counselling session along side in order to rehabilitate them and make themselves self reliant to meet their basic needs.

Your financial help can be on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Whatever it is, our commitment would be to pool in the same amount that you give us and thus double the funds dispensed.

For financial help payment can be made by crossed cheque / DD in favour of Cochin Kidney Foundation payable at Ernakulam and sent to the Registered Office: 38/688 - A1, Surabhi Enclave, S.A. Road, Kadavanthra, Kochi 682016, Ph: 0484 4011344

It is the magnanimity of people like you that makes this work a reality. We need your support. Let us join together to make life better for many suffering kidney patients.


Registered Office: 38/688 - A1, Surabhi Enclave, S.A. Road, Kadavanthra, Kochi 682016, Ph: 0484 4011344
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